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Topper Lux

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Top mattresses LUX are made in both standard dimensions and the dimensions that suit you. On the surface is a cotton fabric filled with wool felt that makes you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. Like all other top mattresses in our range, LUX top mattresses have elasticated corner straps that fit around the mattress and prevent the layer from slipping or moving during the night. Suitable for people with spinal pain and rheumatism. The weight of a wool filler is 1000 g/m². These top mattresses are perfect for people with hard or overly firm mattresses, as virgin wool tops provide enough softness and help you fall asleep faster.

Care: Clean these products with soap and water only. When cleaning spots, make sure not to get the entire floor covering wet. This can affect the wool fibers and cause the covering to become bulky and clumpy.



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  • Bezug: hochwertiger Baumwolle
  • Füllung: weiche Schafschurwolle
  • Mit vier praktischen Eckgummis
  • Besonders guter Temperaturregulation
  • Das Füllgewicht sorgt zu allen 4 Jahreszeiten für das richtige Schlafklima
  • Gut für Nachtschweißkranke
  • Antibakteriell, wärmeisolierend und langlebig
  • Schwer entflammbar
  • Staubmilbenresistent
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