product care

We used to send cleaning and care instructions with our products. To save planet earth we switched to an electronic version that is always there for you. You don't have to look for them in old boxes that you haven't opened in a while.

Cleaning and maintenance is very important for their longevity and comfort. As soon as a package from us arrives at your address, you will be assured that we have taken care of the smallest detail. The products are packed in multi-purpose bags made of raw cotton. The labels are made of degradable paper. We said a big NO to plastic and thank you for supporting us on this mission.

First basic rule -> DON'T WANT TO WASH!

Virgin sheep's wool in the form of a ball (pillow) or soft woolen felt (quilt, mattress topper, mattress) is not intended for machine washing. This applies to all of our products and all forms of wool.

Sheep's wool contains lanolin, which protects it from dust and mites and cleans itself.

You can find a lot of analysis on this topic on the internet.

Little secret: Lavender is a good friend of sheep's wool. If you want your pillow or room to smell like it, we always refresh the sheep's wool with a few drops of lavender oil.