Why we?

By purchasing our products, you take a direct part in protecting planet earth. A large amount of sheep's wool in the world goes unused and represents a huge waste of the environment. That's why we encourage its use and by buying our sheep's wool you support people from rural areas who are involved in sheep farming.

If you choose craftsmanship and uniqueness in the sea of technologies and fast industries where you will receive the product at your address tomorrow, we are the ideal choice.  We work with experts and professionals in this field and we create and educate new younger generations who inherit and pass on this quality. This is more important to us than the quantity. It's better to have one or two blankets for a lifetime than dozens of cheap blankets that we change every two years. Let's choose durable, durable and long-lasting materials and products <3

If you want to support smaller companies, you've come to the right place! We don't employ hundreds of workers in production, but we employ more and more every year. We get the greatest support from loyal customers who decide to make new orders after the first purchase. Customers who return to us every day instill happiness and confidence in what we do.

Let's work together to raise awareness of the benefits of wool and natural materials