Why sheep wool?

When we choose wool, we choose the best quality from sustainable and reliable sources. We want to give each of our customers a flawless feeling of nature, smoothness and comfort. Enjoy a material that lasts for years, that breathes and that you are sure to love.

Our new wool consists of 100% natural fibers and is therefore not man-made. It has been known for centuries to be a material for all seasons because of its ability to regulate temperature. So you are wrong if you think that wool should only be used in winter.

Sheep's wool has been somewhat forgotten for some time, but awareness of its values is returning to people. It is renewable and as long as there is grass there are sheep that are sheared once or twice a year. Unlike many synthetic materials, sheep's wool is biodegradable and can easily return to the soil after a period of use. But don't be fooled, that's how sheep don't grow!

Wool is a natural insulator. Wool fibers absorb excess moisture from the air and release it under the right conditions without compromising thermal efficiency. It has a high moisture absorption capacity (up to 30 percent of its own weight).

You probably didn't know that, but new sheep's wool is elastic! Wool fibers are tear-resistant and can be folded more than 20,000 times without breaking. Wool therefore retains its appearance over time, increasing the value of the product and its durability.

Thanks to its high water and nitrogen content, sheep's wool naturally slows fire and has a much higher ignition threshold than many other fibres. First of all, wool is not an allergen, it does not cause allergies, as many myths say. Relax and give this material that nature gave us a chance. <3